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VAT Services

VAT Services

Inside or outside Bulgaria or the EU

The VAT tax is the main source of revenue for the national  budget in Bulgaria and the rest of the EU members. We can answer the questions you might have regarding its law as well as the way your company should act in different situations when doing business inside or outside Bulgaria or the EU.

The complex subject matter of tax laws requires from the accounting specialists to thoroughly know their contents, as well as to be able to draw upon their extensive experience in the context of diverse businesses and industries.

We can be helpful in matters concerning:

  • Registration under the VAT law
  • Deregistration under the VAT law
  • VAT return from the EU
  • Protection during audits and inspections
  • Records and submission of the monthly VAT registers and declarations
  • Digital signature representation
  • As well as consults on any topic concerning Tax laws or stemming from them.