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Accounting services

Accounting services

Efficiency and security

Regardless of its size, each company needs stability and safety in its accounting and finance to calmly perform its inherent activity. We encompass all accounting processes and provide our customers with an efficient and safe service based upon  transparency in the accounting processes and stability in the tax relationships with the state.

Our clients are companies operating in various industries and of various sizes but they all receive the same rofessional service of high quality.

  • Creating your personalized chart of accounts
  • Devising your accounting policy
  • Monthly record of your accounting
  • Keeping stock records – of goods and materials
  • Depreciation schedule of your long-term assets
  • Supervision of the financial flow – contractors and budget payables
  • Stocktaking
  • Annual closing of accounts
  • Creating the annual financial report according to the international and national accounting standards
  • Balance sheet of projects and programmes for non-profit legal entities
  • Preparing the monthly and annual reports for the National Statistics Institute

You can settle an appointment via one of the tools available on our website (request, inquiry) to discuss and define your company’s needs and find out how and in which area we can assist you. This will help us trace up and advise you on a suitable subscription service, tailored to the specific features of your work, organizational services, the amount of necessary activities and other details necessary to quote an accurate and precise price.