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Personnel and wages

Personnel and wages

We administer your personnel

There are multiple duties a company has with respect to personnel administration:

  • Personnel administration – appointment and release
  • Keeping personal records and job descriptions
  • Drawing up employment and freelance contracts
  • Preparing payrolls and pay-cheques
  • Preparing and submitting bank payment orders for contribution taxes and income tax
  • Submitting declarations for performed contribution taxes and income tax payments
  • Fit note processing
  • Maintaining the record of service booklets
  • Digital signature representation
  • Protection during audits and inspections by the National Revenue Agency or the National Social Security
  • Preparation of the staff’s annual vacation scheme
  • Assisting companies when signing contracts with the occupational Medicine Service
  • Assisting companies during inspections by the Labour Inspectorate

All these procedures require from companies large documentation and strict adherence to rules, procedures and deadlines. We are in charge of these actions, so that you could adequately manage your business.